Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In the Neighborhood

Now that my second German class is over and my visitors are gone, my days are pretty open. I've tried to set up a schedule for myself (and Elsie), so that life still feels a bit structured. I honestly feel better and accomplish more when I am boring and routined up.

I'm looking into other German course options, but in the meantime, need to learn at home on my own. NOT easy. There are so many other wondey things to be doing. Skyping, reading (blogs or books), and even cleaning seem more interesting. Hold me accountable, k?

So, yesterday I decided to explore a little on my walk with Elsie instead of our regular route since I have the time. (told you...stalling on the German) I've had two people tell me the neighborhood a couple of blocks away from us has really nice views and houses. Why had we never ventured over there? Not sure.
{part of our street}
We live in an area close to the city that's all old buildings (containing apts) covering every block. Love it here.

The neighborhood we went to yesterday was a 'real' residential neighborhood with pretty lawns, garden and stand-alone homes. There's even the occasional small backyard farm complete with chickens, mules and big, canty dogs that don't like Elsie.

So, not having much else to share (unless you want me to share the tables, yes 3, for German adjective endings) I thought I'd take you on a little tour of pretty Austrian houses.










I know not super exciting, but better than showing you these:

(now you know why cleaning sounds better)

(All the different ways you can say 'new'!)

When no article is used:

Masculine Feminine Neuter Plural
Nominative neuer neue neues neue
Accusative neuen neue neues neue
Dative neuem neuer neuem neuen
Genitive neuen neuer neuen neuer

After the indefinite article ein-, kein-, and the possessive determiners:

Masculine Feminine Neuter Plural
Nominative neuer neue neues neuen
Accusative neuen neue neues neuen
Dative neuen neuen neuen neuen
Genitive neuen neuen neuen neue

After the definite article:

Masculine Feminine Neuter Plural
Nominative neue neue neue neuen
Accusative neuen neue neue neuen
Dative neuen neuen neuen neuen
Genitive neuen neuen neuen neuen


Juliette said...

ugh, those tables! I've all but given up on them, how bad am I?? Give me long walks and big mansions any day! =P

Em said...

Oh yuk the adjectives. All the way through your post I was hoping you wouldn't show them because I sent invitations out to parents yesterday for our first children's choir concert and I was sure I used the wrong form of the adjective and I have been feeling too mortified to check in case I look like an idiot... BUT I got it right! Yay! So thanks!

Apparently the more information the article has the less information the adjective needs to have. Hence, when you have the definite der, die or das etc you have adjectives only with e or en endings.
With no article at all your adjective has to show the gender or plurality because there is no adjective to tell you, so your adjectives have the same endings as der, die or das.
Ein is inbetweeny and a pain in the neck!

But my problem is even though I know all the tables, I never know whether a word is masculine, feminine or neuter in the first place :-)

Enjoy the days out instead!

Rachel alone in Graz said...

Yay the blog is back! If you don´t want a tv why not listen to the radio on-line? I spent many happy hours baking last winter listening to cheesy German radio :p You could even do it WHILST cleaning & kill two birds with one stone :p
I´m going to run up there tonight with my camera - did you see the mountains in the distance?

Brooke said...

Love the houses! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

So nett, Deine Post....Und die Deklinationen, ja ja...da gewoehntst Du Dich dran. Bald geht es Dir ganz von selbst ueber die Lippen!
Don't worry, soon you will not even have to try and your German will be beautiful! You are young, there is lot's of time!
Die Bilder vom Viertel sind schoen, wie in Deutschland, wo ich gewohnt habe!
Viele Erinnerungen werden wach!

Bis bald! XOXO

Kim Preston said...

Ha-ha! I know EXACTLY where you went walking. It is near a swimming pool where my son took lessons last fall (do Americans say 'fall' too? Someone told me it's a Canadian term and everyone else says 'autumn'...anyhoo...). While he was swimming, I would take my daughter and dog for a walk in that neighbourhood. It's so beautiful! I met the mule (is that a mule? I called it a pony), the obnoxious barking dogs (very obnoxious) and the chickens and geese! Ultra modern houses next to beautiful old villas. Very neat. After the first walk, I always brought my camera and took pictures too!

Kimberly said...

Purty! I met a girl last night from Vienna Austria and I was talkin like I knew everything about her country..thanks to you!

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