Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spaß mit Meiner Schwester und Meinem Schwager

"Fun with My Sister and My Brother-in-Law"
{using the German dative case above in the title and lovin' it}
always at the biergarten

We had more fun with more visitors this past week. This time with my younger sister and brother-in-law coming in from Austin, Texas (well, first they hit up Paris and Versailles). Please don't go to Paris and Versailles before coming to Graz, k? It did rain a lot in Paris, so that gave Graz a mega advantage as weather is so importy when living and visiting Europe as you can tell from my many posts and comments on das Wetter here in Graz.

We took them to the usual spots, walked lots, drank beer, ate schnitzel (and in Erin's case..asparagus pieces in jello..one unknown word can ruin a meal people), had cocktails with our couple friends from Sweden, shopped the farmer's market, tried all kinds of Eis (gelato), coffee, and even rented a car and drove south 45 mins. to the Weinstraße (wine region), Austria's own little Napa Valley. Whoa is it a looker. Pics on that tomorrow.


Took some Schlossberg prom pics:
{disclaimer and advice appreciated if knowledgeable: the dog is not with us because we always want to take her everywhere..we had some issues while there were visitors in town. training might be in order after i finish deutsch class 2 this friday. can that cure dog separation anxiety? is it a puppy thing? a breed thing for sure. she's 95% fine when it's just me and art, but she apparently knows there's fun to be had once it's not just her boring parents doin' the same old crud.}

The farmer's market flowers were ausgezeichnet

We had some drinks at Bar Schlossberg in honor of Art's birthday and their last night. I can't believe we had never been here..great spot with an amazing view.

They left yesterday for a couple days in Vienna before heading back to their 2 year old (my nephew Sam) that I know they were really missing and let's hope this volcano with some major gas doesn't cause them problems!

Love you E & J. Thanks for coming all this way!


Kristen Kirsh said...

Fabulous pics!!I am loving your outfit in the pic with you pup and Art! Love me some dahlias too! Just planted them in my garden ;-)

Molly said...

I'm jealous! Me and Amy are still in hot humid Housty. That bar is really near. Hopefully I can pass for 21 when I'm there so I don't prevent you mimi and pops from places like that. Elsie is so big! Oh and lastly I want a camera like Art's. Your pics are always amazing quality. And y'all look real stylish in every pic also, totally euro chic. I can't wait to have an explosion of pics when I'm over there! Love you hope to talk soon!

Christian said...


Nice story! I am looking fordward to your report from the Weinstraße. In the next weeks we are planing a photo and video tour on the sytrian vineyards to get more material for my http://www.steirische-spezialitaeten.at/wein/steirische-weinstrassen/ site :-)

Kim said...

Glad you had a good time and very glad the weather cooperated! I went to Amsterdam this weekend and froze my ass off! Laughed about the "don't go to Paris before coming here" and "one unknown word can ruin a whole meal" comments. I'm guessing the unknown word was jello? ;-) I was thinking the same thing as Molly above - you're lookin' very Euro! You've got the scarf thing down pat. I might have to come over and get a scarf tieing (tying?) lesson from you! BTW, does Molly know age is not really a concern here drinking-wise??? :-) Finally, if you ever need to leave Elsie with someone, we'd be happy to take her. We're very dog-friendly here. Good luck with the separation anxiety. It's the break with routine...and maybe the breed. If she's barking, hopefully, she stops within a few minutes of realizing you're not coming back...hopefully...

Rachel in Graz said...

Where is this place?! I want to take my parents there oh & I find Paris v. overrated! What's this with the asparagus in the jelly, is that what you mean? Have not seen that . . . yet.

Erin said...

Wondey post Coco, that sums it up well. We had a fabby time there and will never forget it. I may have a picture of the spargelsulz, the only bad experience I had, which was actually dang funny. Miss you, E

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