Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Southern Styria's Gorgeous Wine Country


Also known as die Südsteirische Weinstraße, this is the kinda landscape you probably think of when you think of Austria...thanks to The Sound of Music. (Did you know that most Austrians have never seen The Sound of Music and find it funny (and maybe annoying) that this is what we always associate with Austria? At least I did. I wanted to come here and sing:

"So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu..
to joo and joo and joo and joo and joooo"


Well, here you have it, folks. Beauty. It was worth renting a car (they only had stick shifts), doing some screechin' and peelin' out on the hills in front of horrified hikers, possibly rolling back a couple of times and getting lost often to experience this vast land of love.


We hit up three Buschenschanks (Ausgezeichnet ones at that (the cream of the crop)), drank wine and nibbled on classic Austrian desserts.


People live their regular lives surrounded by this..they operate
Buschenschanks out of their homes, grow some grapes on the steep vineyards they call a backyard, make some wine,
try to keep the canty chickens quiet, wear some dirndls, sit back and relax..and enjoy the show. (Thank you for comin' to Loews)

This is all just a 40 minute drive from Graz. 5 more minutes and you'd be in Slovenia. Ich ♥ Europa.


Rachel in Graz said...

Let's go to Slovenia! Just to say we've been there :p

Erin said...

It's gorgeous! Important question though - how was the wine?? They do mostly white, right?

Kimberly said...

Yes- very nippy here in Oz! Highs in the low 60's lately. Burrrrr!

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melissa said...

It is absolutely gorgeous! I know you have been having so much fun with all your fun visitors lately and in just a few months some more to come. I wish I could be there. We miss you and hope to see you soon.

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