Monday, August 30, 2010

Ein Geburtstag

I tricked you with a German title, so you would come over and look at this silly post. Doesn't work on you Deutsch sprechers.

Yes, today is Elsie's 1st birthday. We know because it says so in her Slovakian passport.

Don't worry...we promptly got her an EU passport once we smuggled her in. She be legal.

Now, here comes the crazed part...a photo collage of doggie.

I will give us (I say 'us' because Art loves this dog just as much as me if not more) a bit of a pass on our over-the-top dog love. We live in a foreign country away from friends and family. This foreign country happens to be ├╝ber dog-friendly. I am at home by myself a lot during the day and I need a bestie sidekick. Having a pure-bred dog equates to owning a Mercedes here. (ok, i sorta made that up...cabs are Mercedes sometimes so it ain't really no thing.)


Really, she's a fabulous dog. First of all, look at her. She ranks in the all time best lookin' category. I've gotten more than one comment that she is one fine looking English cocker spaniel. (Not quite as stocky or as long of a face as most. American cockers are a whole nother breed...smooshier faces.) You could say she's a bit needy and overly affectionate (as are all cockers), but it works for us.

Even with her barking non-stop when we left her home fiasco that lasted a couple of months and caused serious turmoil in my life, she has been a blessing. We be lovin' her. Dogs make life better. End of story.
(I realize not everyone's a 'dog person'..that's ok. I just think you should have your pulse checked soon and often.)

"We long for an affection altogether ignorant of our faults.
Heaven has accorded this to us in the uncritical canine attachment."
~George Elio

(p.s. Yes, we plan on having children. We are not a dog-doters-because-we're-never-having-kids couple. Beware for when that happens. Collages will abound in your life.)

She got to play a fun game of Laser Tag for her big day.
{video here...if you're reading in a rss feed reader, videos don't show up for some reason.}


Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday Elsie! Love the collage!

The Tulley Family said...

I have always been a "golden retriever or nothing" kind of girl, but Elsie is the prettiest thing ever!! Hopefully one day I can convince Jason and we'll get one!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Elsie!!! Carolyn and Art are both pretty crazy about...Oh! yes, they are :) and I get it ...I have to say that this craziness is contagious. I love you too, especially after hanging out with you in Graz. Miss you all!!!MOnika

Christian said...

Happy Birthday Elsie :)

Mary @ stylefyles said...

awww comeon, that dog is TOO cute! I hate that I have to hold off on a dog of my own until I move from my current pad =(

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