Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Nieces & Nephew Intermission

Every now and then my mom sends me pictures of the nieces and nephew outings, and although I quite enjoy it, it does pull at the ole heart strings a bit. I miss not only their cute faces, but the hilarious darndest things they say and their unique personalities.

(do you think these girls know how to pose for a pic? Possibly took tips from Aunt Molly.)

Just a regular play day at the mall when Erin and Sam were in town from Austin. In Houston, the mall is your refuge from the blazing heat outside.


Last weekend, the girls went to Dallas with Mimi, Pops and their mama to visit my Mom's side of the family. They hit up Dallas' American Girl doll store, bistro and doll salon. Yes, you read that right.


These dolls get highlights more often than I do.
"And, what do you do for a living, Barbara?" "Oh, I'm a doll hairdresser."

Life is good.

{hair flowers sold separately}


Amy said...

they miss you too coco. as a matter of fact, ana asked me last night, "mom, does coco live in that place far away or is she just visiting?" i told her you lived there. she asked when you could come visit us bc you always give her coke! HA HA HA. You know how to win their affection!

Cathy McConn said...

So cute with all the air bubble comments. And I must say that my pics did them justice...it helps to have those super smiles! And I thought the same thing about that job of doll hairdressing....only in America!
Think of these cuties as you're planning your flight home this winter!

Kimberly said...

OMG! Hilarity. Do they REALLY get highlights??
Thanks for fixin my bar!

Molly said...

i taught them well!

Rachel in England said...

Definately been to the Aunt Molly school of posing - in a good way! What is that doll hairdressing place? I see these little snippets of American life & I think if I ever go there it'll be as big a culture shock as Graz!!

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