Monday, August 23, 2010

Moseyin' Around with Monika


Last week I had three fun-filled days with Monika. We didn't forget to take pictures.


Monika is originally from Poland and was visiting her fam there this summer and decided to drop by Graz before going back home to the States. She and Tom moved back to Michigan from Graz exactly a year ago. She went to America about 10 years ago as an au pair and eventually met Tom, her husband, and the rest is history. I asked her to say something in Polish and she quoted a classic Polish tongue-twister....whoa...quite consonanty.

Photobucket Standing at 5 feet, 4.5 inches I'm not so tall, but I've never felt this short. {6' 2" if you're wondering.}
{She doesn't have the 'hem-every-pair-of-pants-you-buy' problem like me. Quite the opposite.}

Girls{Last August}
Mari and Justine were both out of the country, so it was just us. Remember, Monika was once a Desperate Housewife too.

Hikin' in Mariatrost. Thinking of you, Caroline!

The corn is taller than Monika! Yes!

Said she missed Austria's 'green perfection'.

Viva la Austria!

She had never been to BarSchlo├čberg. We had to have our Aperols just like the days of yore.

Don't be getting too cute now...


It was fun, Monika! Who shall listen to my photo critiques now? :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn, I feel so famous :))) Thank you for this super time together and I hope to see you again either in the US or Europe. By the way, don't you think my nose is huge?:)))) Take care and can I say?: I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

Kimberly said...

Looks like FUN!

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