Monday, March 21, 2011

Food & Friends

LOVE these 'sandwiches' from Frankowitsch.

great little place in Graz we just now discovered.

And love these girls/fellow expats: Katelyn and Shyla (from America & Canada)

Kim from Canada.


Sara said...

Those sandwiches looks delicious! And yay for Canada representing, said the Canadian. ;)

Monica said...

And did you try the tiny little cakes in the cafe attached to Frankowitch? They are divine!

Amy said...

wow, that looks yummy. how are you just now discovering it? i figured you would've had the whole city explored after being there for 2 years!! fun to see your friends.

Cathy McConn said...

Your hair looks wondey! and I am glad you have some nice expat friends to share good meals and company with. That sandwich display is very enticing. yum.

Erin said...

these photos are quite relaxing after browsing through molly's ixtapa album. i feel a little calmer now. and maybe in the mood for some weird sangies.

molly b. said...

Looks delish. Love a night out with friends! yay for you.

Kim aus Kanada said...

Hey! I finally made it onto your blog! Woohoo! Cheers to good food and great friends!!! Let's get them together real soon. Potluck?

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