Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I received a Versatile blogger award from my friend Molly (thanks, Molly!).  I am usually hesitant to do what's required of me and post a list of facts about myself, but today, for some reason, it's a happening. 

1. I'm the third of seven children.
2. A night (vs. morning) person for sure.
3. A sad scene in a movie involving animals sends me over the edge weeping.
4. I would say I'm sensitive, which I don't always like, but that it gives me a keen sense of empathy, which I don't always like either.
5. I'm not as happy-go-lucky or funny as maybe my blog makes me seem.
6. I do everything fast (except get out of bed).  My husband does everything s..l..o..w.. and methodically (except eat).  It sometimes drives me crazy.  My fastness drives him crazy. 
7. I am hypothyroid, I can't see a foot in front of me without contacts or glasses, I have slightly crooked pinkies, cold hands and feet, annoying hair that's not straight or curly and too thick, an often hurting hip, but I never had braces or one cavity.  
8. I like cheese, salt and sugar far too much.  My hips are hefty.  



Cat said...

well, you forgot one....you're talented! ;)

molly b. said...

agreed. you are multi-talented. and you're a pretty cool friend, too. x

Kristen said...

Congratulations on the award! I think "clever" and "witty" should be on the list as well.

tiffany said...

thank you for sharing, great post (:

Amber said...

Well-deserved award. And... no... you are not as funny as the blog might make you seem... you are actually funnier in person. And I agree with Cat - TALENTED!

Julie said...

One of my favorite posts...gotta love lists!

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