Monday, March 14, 2011

Nicer Weather!

I have only become obsessed with talking about the weather since living here. You see, I lived in Houston, Texas most of my life where it was either blazing hot & humid, warm & humid, nice or rainy (& steamy) with just several weeks of cold.

I will say living through 4-5 months of winter here makes the spring all that more delicious. People are coming out of hibernation, parks and streets are again bustling and those once-a-week evening jogs are back on the agenda.

This kind of weather makes those "Wow, I actually live in Europe...look at these churches, these buildings, this place that is my home" moments more frequent.
{you think they can't turn traditional Austrian dress into sex that sells?}

{rainbow booties anyone?}

And equally nice as the flowers starting to bloom and crisp, breezy nights is the shedding of the winter garb into the transitional winter-to-spring uniform: trenchy, jegs + FLATS!
{thanks for the trench, Erin. sometimes being the shorty of the fam is beneficial..really only when the arms on your sister's jacket are too short for her.}

and I know I'm late jumping on the Adele bandwagon, but I'm loving her up.  I think if I could pick any talent, I would like to be able to sing like this.  I don't do singing.  Or dancing for that matter...unless there's been some rum and cokes.

Wilkommen to Frühling und a new Woche...


Cat said...

I always love looking at your photos of Graz! They are wondey. And, i'm loving those rainbow booties! can we start the trend over here?!? :)

molly b. said...

I'm loving that look! Is that a trench with a cinched waist? Love the scarf, too. If I told you I was on the next plane over, would you believe me? ;)

Rebecca said...

Isn't it amazing how Graz comes alive in the sunshine? People and music on the streets, it's fantastic! I have been following your blog intermittently for about 6 months now, and absolutely loving it! I moved to Graz at the beginning of February for a semester exchange at the TU. Your Graz notes got me psyched for living here!

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