Monday, December 19, 2011

Bringing 'em Home

After Salzburg, we brought Sarah and Roger back with us to Graz to show them our little city.

And there was some photo takin', natürlich.

Everyone loves the Schloss cave.

First stop that night was the Christmas markets so they could meet our Graz friends.

Elsie must snuggle with every visitor.  If you close your door, she waits outside it puffing her nose under the crack so you don't forget she's there.

A day after they left and I walked by this spot and it was weird to think that Sarah was there with me just a day before walking around. I love having friends from home here with me in this 'other life'.  It's a huge treat and we're blessed and thankful that people travel all this way just for a little Spaß and schnitzel with us. :)


Juliette said...

Fun times!
ok, LOVING the new blog-do!

rebecca said...

i'm kind of in love with elsie... :)

Rachel in Heidelberg said...

New Look Blog shock! Did you photo-shop that sunset in? Amazing!

Kim aus Kanada said...

Great pics once again!

kkp said...

christmas in europe sounds magical. i can't lie. :)

where are your adorable boots from?

A Life Un-Styled said...

These photos have me dreaming about Graz!

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