Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pre-Christmas Fun

For us, the most social & gathering part of Christmas is over.  We had our fun all throughout the month with parties, gatherings, decor, markets, etc.  Now, most all of our friends are headed back to their own home country and we stay here and enjoy a quiet, mellow Christmas Eve and day.

I'm ok with it because I know there are countless American family Christmases ahead and this is our last Austrian Christmas.  While quiet and not billowing with family folk and noise, they are nice in their own right.  Also, I am skyped into my family's gift opening bonanza on Christmas morn..and well, that's just like being there, right?  (Molly, move the computer 3 inches to the left so I can see what Mom got!)

We haven't had a tree the past two years and I remedied that this year with a tree as early as mid-November.  We kept it under wraps as Austrians don't generally put their trees up 'til Christmas Eve.  We did not want to be evicted due to American eagerness and having decor up before the stores!

I had to put a little touch of Steiermark/Austria on my wrapping efforts.

Earlier this month, I turned 32 and my friends threw me the nicest surprise birthday brunch!

We had a baking exchange with the ladies with a fab selection of calories.

We received this hilarious and most-appropriate ornament from a thoughtful friend.  She's wearing a necklace, bow and tutu.

Graz is decked in the usual

And we have had lots of eating, drinking and being merry.

Still, it would be nice to be with these folks as well:
(Art's parents)

and this crew:

(my fam all smiles at Thanksgiving...they are surely hiding the pain of our absence)

Merry Christmas to all wherever you may be celebrating! 


Lindsey Lenig said...

Love the new look!! Also liking 3 new posts to read....cute pics, especially of Elsie! Who gave you the ornament? It's perfect. :) Miss you XO

Erin said...

Lovely post. And you know I love the LIG facelift, I wish I had blog so you could design it.

Erin said...

Lovely post. And you know I love the LIG facelift, I wish I had blog so you could design it.

Molly said...

Love this post! We indeed are hiding the pain of missin' y'all. I love your wrapping. If only I could hire you to wrap mine. Very sneaky with the tree!! Highland Village has had the bows on the store tops since like Labor Day...yikes.

Meghan said...

I love, love, love the new blog design!

Unknown said...

What happy pictures! You look wonderful at your birthday! Many returns!

I am wishing you and your husband and doggy very Happy Holidays and a healthy, prosperous and lovely New Year!

Rachel in Heidelberg said...

ah guys, I spent last Christmas ALL on my own, at least you two have each other & Elsie! Love your Steiermark wrap oh & my mum would never let us put any decorations up or the tree until Christmas Eve either!

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