Monday, December 5, 2011

Munich with Sarah and Roger

A week or so ago, we headed off to Munich to meet one of my best friends (over here from Texas) and her boyfriend in Munich.  Art had never been and I was excited to go during Christmas when all is merry and bright in Bavaria.

the lovely couple.

 headed to the Christmas markets

 in the center of it all.

a dreary, drizzly day.

 Onto the deutsches museum, the world's largest museum of technology and science.  I went here with Lindsey 2 years ago.  I knew the boys would like it, but we all enjoyed it.

a little propeller posing.

 the 'scale' is saying sarah is 'grosse' meaning large.  i'm not steppin' on it.

 gotta have a big beer

our latino men

College fun 2000

Munich fun 2011

stay tuned for Salzburg comin' up nächste haltestelle.


Juliette said...

aw, glad you had a nice time w/a dear friend! =)

KIm aus Kanada said...

Great pics! Looks like you had a fun time. And, holy moly, you two have not aged one bit! I'll have whatever it is that you're having! And, ummm, you know the "scale" isn't a scale, right? Ok, never mind, you knew (right?).

molly b. said...

Yay for friends nearby!

Pretty pics as always, friend.

Julie said... that a new winter coat I see?? Love it! Hope it's keepin' you warm and toasty this season!!

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