Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vienna : Day 1

(oh yeah, i'm gonna draw this trip out into several many posts)

My first two visits to Vienna were very short-lived. No more than a few hours. You can find those
here and here. I was perked to go back with my parents and Molly and really do up this big, fancy city right.

I took both small point-and-shoot digital and the hunka SLR. This time I took a zoom lens so I could get some building shots. I had to call Art after the first day and ask him why they were all turning out blurry. Turns out not all lenses work the same. to me. This lens (a 18-135mm zoom) performed best in light and set at Aperture 8. Good to know. Anyways..point is...the big camera always takes better photos, but I had to use the small one a lot. Live and learn. (And seriously, need to read the manual and learn more about our camera!)

There's a lot of us...people shots. I figure it gets boring seeing buildings and scenery only. I know I get bored when I'm looking through someone else's trip and it's all buildings and lakes. Yes, they are pretty, but when you weren't there to experience them, they don't hold the same weight. And looking at the four of us never gets boring, I know.

Molly, Dad and Mom outside the Hofburg Palace (but it's behind me)


walkin' down Grabenstra├če
The first day was cold and we were LOVING our lives after days of sweat and tears. Not really tears.

Found a cool spot high up overlooking the Stephansdom Square.

Where Dad ordered a choc. crepe that we all dug into.

we cheers-ded to cool weather and fancy livin'

Molly had a sassy cocktail of her own (these are the firsts of her life and she handled herself well..)

while I let my scarf overwhelm my life.

You can see the massive St. Stephen's Cathedral in the windows.

The tile on the roof is laid in a zig zag pattern...totes in trend.

Afterwards, we walked around and Meems spotted a large and sparkling (and spinning) Mozartkugel. These chocolate balls are made in Salzburg and bombard you everywhere you go in Austria.

Until tomorrow...


jja said...

Great pics, I was so long not in Vienna and loved to "walk" with you. I also enjoyed your witty reporting style.

Molly said...

Makes me miss it. Love ya and can't wait for the rest of the posts

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