Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Blog Crush

There is a big design blog called Decor8 by an American named Holly. She does this for a living {and has her own shop}...her blog design is real cute, her pictures are real good, she's got a real 'etsy ' style and she's just real creative.


Well, lo and behold, she recently moved to Germany with her German husband and she has a separate blog documenting her expat life called Haus Maus. I really enjoy reading it because I can relate to most everything she writes. I have wanted to just copy some of her posts and use them as my own because her writing is better and her posts could easily be my own. I would totally be busted crusted, though, and that is unacceptable blogging behavior. I have learned that Austria and Germany are extremely similar. {Austria and Italy...not so Art would tell you after his jaunt to Trieste...but that's for another post..let's just say he appreciates Austrian efficiency, order and attention to detail more now.}

I really enjoyed her post about Sundays here. Everything is closed on Sunday in Germany too. But, I admit I'm really too afraid to write something like this for fear that I would look like the 'ole American that moved to Europe and now preaches about how certain aspects of American life aren't healthy. {even though I am this person}

And today, I was loving this post about food and cooking and cracking up at the part about buying Aspirin. So true. Aspirin and Ibuprofen have to be bought at an Apotheke (pharmacy) and it costs 4 times as much here. I have seen the ASS + C brand she refers to and have always opted for a different brand to avoid asking for 'ass'. I know a lot of you won't click on the link and read it and that's ok because it's probably a lot funnier to me after dealing with the exact same random little things. I'm just glad to know that I'm not the only one. And if she lived in Austria I would call her up and ask her to play...preferably on a Sunday.


Krista said...

Its funny how you become absorbed in peoples blogs. Im always on the hunt for blogs that catch my attention and make me want to read more. Sounds like I may be checking her blog out.

It really hit me how Americans are so unhealthy when I actually visted S.Korea (hubby was there a year). We hiked up a mountain and me and him were both out of breath and struggling but these old korean ladies were zipping right past us! They walk those trails daily! And you did not see one obese person on there busy street's. It was weird to get off the plan back in the states because the one thing you notice instantly..

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