Monday, October 26, 2009

More Sunday Pics

Sunday is obviously our day to roam the city, get coffee {or beer} at
different cafés and take too many foliage photos.

There was one Graz landmark we had not seen yet:
The double spiral staircase {or the better name: Doppelwendeltreppe}
This photo is from Flickr because it is almost impossible to get a photo
unless you have a fisheye lens. It's very narrow, but here you can see
how the two spiral staircases meet up with each other in the middle.

A little history:
The Burg was built in 1438-1452 by Frederik III, who resided many
years in Graz. It remained the residence of the sovereigns of Lower
Austria until the court was moved to Vienna in 1619. Today it houses
the seat of the Styrian provincial government.


in the gardens of the Burg

the cathedral is across the street

and we were loving this red bomb

Inside the Opera House...Sound of Music is playing now...
we will be going

Cute house on our walk home

And the one picture Art took while in Trieste, Italy.
{He does not have a blogger mentality like his crazed wife.}
View from his room.

We have a national holiday today. Austria declared neutrality back in 1955 on this day.
Art didn't tell me that. I house lots of random historical data in this ole noggin.
And we turned our clocks back an hour this weekend, so we're an hour closer in time to you...
for just a week or so.


Molly said...

That house is adorable. And I love the snowflake additions at the top!

Allison said...

Fantastic buildings... they just don't make them like that in the States. That is one of the things that I love about living in Europe, I never get tired of the gorgeous architecture.

Greetings from a West Virginia girl now in Germany!

R. said...

That first picture of the stairs made me nausey.

Erin said...

I like your seasonal header too, cute snowflakeys!
you're so preshy in your little euro hat and scarfy poo. okay, i'll stop talking to you like your ty now. :)

Amy said...

very fun outing for a Sunday. You look very euro with your hat, scarf, and boots.

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