Thursday, October 22, 2009

Preview of Christmas in Graz

Since we will be staying in Graz for Christmas {Weihnachten} this year, I looked up some pictures on Flickr of Graz during the season to get an idea of what's in store for us. Everyone has been telling me Graz is sehr schön {so pretty} during Christmas.
Starting at the end of November there are little markets set up in all towns in Austria {called "Christkindlmärkte"} selling gifts, food and Glühwein {red wine combined with spices and served warm}...and, of course, many Christmas lights adorn the village streets. They really focus on Advent here. {The Advent Calendar originated in Germany.} I used to love me up some Advent calendars with little treats in every window back in the day.


I don't want to show too much since of course we will be taking our own pictures during Christmas. Looking at
these at least make me feel better about my first Christmas away from home. We will try to hit up Vienna
{where the biggest markets are} and maybe even some Venice? And how do you say "Merry Christmas"
in German?

"Fröhliche Weihnachten!"

{all images found on Flickr}


myPics said...

Hi Carloyn,

Advent in Graz is beautiful with snow, but without snow it is boring :(
My hint: Try "glühwein" on different places ... quite a view of them are too sweety. Also interesting: "Glühmet" at Franziskanerplatz.


doris said...

Hey, I've been reading your blog (and archives) for a week now. I live quite close to Graz and had to smile when I saw the pictures of the (kind of weird) upsidedown christmas-trees. I live in the country but I also try to visit one or two bigger towns during advent. Today I bought the first "seasonal" treat for myself: Adventkalendertee! It's a box with 24 different teabags, all in nice numbered envelopes. (Mine is from Alnatura by dm, the brand "Sonnentor" also produces one). Also: why "back in the day" concerning advent calenders with sweets?? ;-) Have a great loong weekend!

Emily said...

Hello from Texas! We're going to miss you during Christmas but from the looks of it, Christmas is AMAZING over there! I know that Santa will find you no matter where you are!!!!!

BETH said...

Wow, that looks wonderful and so quaint. Will miss seeing you this Christmas in Texas, but know you and Art will no doubt enjoy your first Christmas together in beautiful Austria!

Aqida said...

I really like your blog. I am an exchange student in Graz till the end of January so I can relate to experiences you write about :) I am going to Haar Hunter today :p

Aqida said...

I've also been to the Buschenschank in Deutschlandsberg. And the Christkindlemarkt starts today! Yey! Viel Spass! ;)

Carolyn said...

Thanks Aqida..have fun at Haar Hunter and I can't wait for the markets this weekend!

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