Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Locals Have Found Me...

I got an e-mail from a local Grazer saying he found my blog and enjoyed reading about how an American experiences his hometown. He wrote a little snippet about it on his own website here.

It's in Deutschy, so here's the translation:

A Texan Blogs About Graz

In recent days I have stumbled upon a blog by Carolyn from Houston (Texas), who moved with her husband this February to Graz. In the English-written blog, "Life in Graz", she writes about her experiences here.

For me, it is interesting to read how people come from far far away to Graz and how they experience the city. The writing is also backed with many photos.

From her blog, I know now they don't know what Topfen is in the U.S.


Cathy McConn said...

Nice. So your sister, Erin, would be Erin Texanerin? Does that rhyme? Or is she still just Bear?

Mom said...


Amy said...

OH wow... you are gaining local exposure in Graz! Maybe you can write a weekly column for the Graz Chronicle about your life there... ha ha ha!

Juliette said...

hee - "written in Deutschy!" have to say that to my husband next time and see what he says, ha ha

Lindsay said...

Ooh! You're famous (infamous?)! Congrats!

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