Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blog Beautifying


In between looking for jobs and forcing myself through another unit in Rosetta Stone while being holed up more than usual due to rain, rain, rain, I have been giving two blogs a mini-makeover.

1. My friend, Kim's blog: Das Hyndman Haus
She's a fellow expat living in Australia with her husband Marc and their cutie, Chloe.





2. And my sister Molly's blog: Bridget's Own Diary.
Don't read it...her writing is better than mine and I was already in 7th grade when she was born.

Only got an After. {Trust: it's better than the blank template blogger gives you}


When I'm bored and it's rainy, I feel the need to create.

Now, if only I could profit off of this endeavor... Will people pay for blog designs? Are these even really good enough? Do I need to learn more html? Is that better than learning German? It is English..with lots of periods and brackets..which I love. Am I still talking? k, bye.


Rachel in Graz said...

Sure people would pay for blog designs & you're really arty. I consider myself fairly computer-literate & have done putting stuff on the web but would have no idea how to make it all look nice :p Plan B, get arrested taking pictures of outrageous prices in Graz, causing the most excitement since the Kaiser was last here, after your release, stage a Martha-Stewart-style comeback with your own lifestyle show in Graz. It would be like your blog, but on Austrian tv, awesome ;p

Molly said...

your writing is not better than mine! i've learned all i know from you. thanks for the makeover though. pics comin' your way soon :)
and in response to your email.. yes, skype soon! cause i'm finally free!

The Tulley Family said...

I'd pay you for a little consulting help on my blog!

Kimberly said...

Two peeps have already emailed me lamanting about their boring blogs. If you get a fee sorted out let me know and I will tell them! I love mine! Thanks again!

Christian said...


If you are good, they will pay you for your work. Are you focused only on blogspot blogs? All the other "really own" blogs have the opinion to use thousands of free good templates.

Don't forget: If you sell your work official, you should not take other ressources like photos, symbols and so on without having permission for them.

Christian said...

forget to wirte: for a complete blog design you should also have knowledge in html and php. Otherwise it will only be a fragment blog design

Juliette said...

people will pay for a new look, especially looks as cute as these! You definitely should pursue this (I know you have the time, lol =). I'm not sure what it takes to register as a freelancer in Austria, but it was relatively easy here in Germany. (but it's not your own business, that's something messy, of course)

You could have a lot of fun with this. I'm actually going to do a series on freelance resources on my blog (after my trip). There are TONS of great design resources online!

erin said...

I know NOTHING about blogs, but I DO know that you are creative and have a unique vision for these things. Keep it up!!! miss you tons!

Unknown said...

This look s great!!! You are very creative, off you go and get yourself a carriere!!!

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