Sunday, June 6, 2010

Savoring Summer


It's here! The days are long, skies are blue and lots of Eis for me and you. Abundant rose bushes line every garden on our daily stroll to the park...the coraly orange ones always calling my name.



Everyone was outside yesterday..laying out on blankets in the park, reading, drawing and sippin' beer at the outdoor caf├ęs and on park benches.



Never to be left out, we grabbed some burgers (not the same as home) and parked our buns in the sun too.


Curious as to how much longer our days are here than back home in Texas, I did some quick research. Yesterday, dawn was at 4:26am and dusk 9:28 pm here in Graz. That's a 17-hour day. It's two hours more than Houston with 15 hours (dawn: 5:54 am; dusk: 8:47 pm). You can feel it.


Yep, the dog days of summer are here.

{photos mine with the help of the Pioneer Woman's 'seventies' filter..a trendy look in the photo world.}


Amy said...

love the stripe tank top and zig zag scarf! it looks very pretty over there. enjoy the lovely weather!

Molly said...

i like the photo editing! very nice.

Juliette said...

ugh, i downloaded the actions ages ago and have yet to install them or learn how. Thanks for another reminder nudge =P

Kimberly said...

You stylin some wondy photography. Oh the talent!

1richtungsblog said...

Lovely pics from Graz! We have opened up our pool finally. Any time to jump in the bus? I would love to see you! :)

Unknown said...

Love those faded pictures! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is very pretty!

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