Monday, June 28, 2010

Ein Gutes Wochenende

...a good weekend.
(and an exciting month coming up!)

Art left us for 8 days on Thursday night to head on over to the motherland (his first time since we moved here) for a work conference at Penn State. I have to admit I was a little sad and nervous to be alone for over a week..kinda pathetic, let's buck up bimbo, but so far, so good. Had a more eventful weekend than usual and will say I partied it least in my sad, lowly standards.

Friday night I had drinks and went to a movie (the first one in over a year) with some Canadian girlfriends I met in the English Club and Saturday night I went over to friends' Thomas and Ania's place for a little grilled Swedish fare.


They live behind a huge house really close to us in an old stable-converted-to-apartment. They cooked up a typical Swedish meal complete with grilled salmon (on the mini grill), herring, potatoes, special Swedish sauce and lots of Swedish alcohol (straight from the local Ikea). It was delicious.


We sat outside, had access to the big, pretty backyard of the mansion and the nice night. We were there from 7pm til 2 am chatting and havin' a grand ole time. Thomas was trying to serve me 'old fashioneds' around 1:45 am. I took a fool.

Ania and David (the other American at Art's institute..Amber's husband.)

probably time to wrap it up

Now, we've already skyped with Art (5am his time) and we're back to regular weekday life. We've got boatloads of visitors* coming shortly after Art gets back and I'll be travelin' some with Mom, Pops and sista...really looking forward to it!

* Come one, come all! for some reason, it seems to happen that our visitors come within the same couple of weeks staggered. Bring it on...

july 5th - 9th : Art's old buddies will be coming to his university for a summer conference. Luca from Trieste (who studied at Texas A&M for a year) and Ryan, bestie from PhD days at A&M, currently postdocking at Imperial in London.

july 7th - 9th : my brother Chris and his wife, Lindsay, stay in Graz for 2 nights after heading to Paris, Provence, Switz and stuff. We fine dine and have a grand ole time (as Lindsay is my age and a friend before she married the old brutha!)

july 10 - 19 : Dad, Mom and Molly arrive in Graz after Paris..we go to Salzburg, Prague and Vienna too! (Molly comes armed with three suitcases, a teenager's drama and sisterly fun fo' me!)


Molly said...

Party girl! Save the best visitors for last :)

Dana said...

lucky, lucky Molly :)

Rachel in Graz said...

I´m sooo looking forward to reading about your whole let´s-do-Europe-in-a-week en famille experience!!

Kimberly said...

Have fun with the wisitors!!! Get some naps in, too!
My mom comes Monday. Woooo hoooooooo!

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