Sunday, May 17, 2009

Art's First Blog Post (while Frau Valentín is in Houston)

Lots of things going on around town. It brightened up so I went out for lunch. Here is what I saw.

I noticed they blocked off train traffic on the street from Jakominiplatz to Hauptplatz. It was apparently sports weekend here in Graz. Here is the finish line to a wheelchair race by the Austrian special olympics.

Here you can see the street blocked off. Kids are playing soccer inside those green net areas.

They had kayak lessons in the fountain... the ducks must have been annoyed.

Here you can see the mass of humanity as I got closer to the Hauptplatz

A bouncy slide for the kids.

American football is becoming more popular here, Austrians historically being a warlike people. All the players looked American. This is in front of city hall.

Climbing up the clocktower.

Yet more climbing.

This guy was enjoying his blimp. He had a camera attached to the blimp. It sends the picture to his remote, which is shown here perched upon his belly. He's reeling it out...

The blimp.

You know he's been waiting a while for the chance to use it.

People everywhere. A zipline for kids too...

This guy in the red shirt was trying to convince a little girl to slide down. She wouldn't budge. I helped "convince" her.

The town, Kuntzhaus clearly visible.

The clocktower unveiled!

Billions of people. Where did they come from? Note the Austrian garb on display in the foreground.

I decided to lurk in the shadows of the forest.

Main church.

Elections coming soon. This is the party of Ty (BZO). They (along with the FPO) are "conservative nationalistic" (neo-nazi). Check out the Hitler-stash that someone gave the guy. The poster says "Guaranteed Incorruptible!" Most of their posters have either been defaced or placed upside-down.


Anonymous said...

very nice post Art! i know you missed coco while she was home, but we sure loved having her here.

Cathy McConn said...

did you show those climbers record speed up that clocktower? this is jimmy

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