Sunday, May 31, 2009

Graz's Trademark

(I took this pic!...not a stock photo from internet)

Today we had to take yet another trip up the Schlossberg to check out the clocktower that had been unveiled during my absence. It had been covered up with scaffolding for 9 months. The other day when I caught a glimpse of it from the tram, I said "Oh! I love the clocky!" (to Art) and the guy next to me laughed. He was thinking "total tourist to the max".

The weather has been kinda crusty since I've been back with thunderstorms almost every afternoon. Today was marvelous, but a leetle frosty for Coco when we weren't in the sunshine.

We asked a lady to take our photo in front of the clocktower and she takes it landscape and chops off the top.

So we took our own pic of ourselves in front of the landscape of the city, and now it has become our new title photo. (I have some spare...more on job news later.)

I'm sure pics of the Schlossy are getting old to you, but every time we go, it's still so pretty.
All the roses are in full bloom everywhere...

Even the lightposts are quaint and entwined with loveliness.

..and then walking back, I thought for a brief second, "they do have a Target!", but then was quickly brought back to reality.

Rose gardens on our street.


Kimberly said...

Looks beautiful. Don't worry- Targets abroad just aren't the same.

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