Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back Home for Chris & Lindsay's Wedding!

with the happy bride and groom to be (and all in purple)

The flight home was long and I only slept for about 2 hours despite the fact that I had four seats to myself. The guy on the aisle next to me kept giving me jealous glares as I was laying down fluffing my pillows (I had all four of those too). Hehe...Art and I were the only ones last time that didn't have a row to ourselves, so this was totally deserved.

I was glad to be home, but it did feel a little weird...I don't have a home, car or job there anymore and my husband wasn't with me..and it is DANG humid in Housty.

On Friday, the wedding festivities began...

at the rehearsal dinner with my sisties...Molly, me, Erin and Amy.
so good to all hang out together...i miss them a lot.

with Mimi, the matriarch

with the Hatleys

All dressed up for the wedding...we didn't plan our jewel toned dresses, but they looked wondey together. Sorry Ames, you weren't there (and, gasp!, wore black)

With the seasoned flower girls. Ana was so perked to be wearing tights...she was showing everyone..."I got don't"

The beauty bride and Molly

with our Pops

The groom's cake...Chris made this crossword and passed it out to friends weeks before and then supplied the answers on the cake.

the delishy cake

Molly, Jimmy, Amy and Andy all looking quite dapper

Mom with her long time bestie, Judy

Chris and Lindsay were wondey dancers and put on a good show.
I've never seen my brother so happy.

It was SO good to see all my family and a lot of my friends at the wedding. It was A LOT more English and chatting than I'm used to and I was loving it.


Amy said...

i'm so glad you took a pic of the groom's cake because i never saw it... so clever. we miss you already sis!!!

Angela said...

Groom's cake was super clever! And the bride's cake with all of the bouquets around it--how gorgeous!

We, at the office, were very fortunate to have you for a lunch while you were in town! Thank you for letting us spend time with you. And thank you for doing this blog so it feels like we're taking the journey with you! *muah* Ciao mia amica!

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