Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dinner with Monika and Tom

On Tuesday night we had dinner with my friend from my English speaking ladies club and her husband. Monika is Polish and moved to the ooh-ess-ahh (U.S.A.) to be an au pair. She met Tom in Detroit and they got married last summer. They moved to Graz last October for Tom's job with Chrysler.

Anyways, they took us up to the top of a mountain in the outskirts of Graz (in a car.. we haven't been in a car in 2 months). It was gorgey! Way higher than the Schlossberg that I thought was the top of the world. We had a great time. It's nice to talk to people that know where you're coming from. We swapped lots of stories of both of our first months in Graz and what we like, think is weird, etc.

view from the top of the mountain

the green hill is the schlossberg in the center of Graz

a little deer family...

Monika, Tom and Art checking out the view.

delishy apfel dessert

kinda hazy, but alps in the distance with snow peaks


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