Sunday, May 24, 2009

So Many Peeps to See, So Little Time

I got to see a lot of friends and family while I was in town and mowed down a lot of good mexican food while doing it. This is not everyone, but the ones I managed to take pics psycho blog mentality followed me home...

Sam Cheese! He's gotten so big and gives this coy little smile whenever I talk to or smile at him. Couldn't be cuter.

Jimmy asked me to dinner with him and his cute girlfriend, Natalie.
We went to one of the many new spots on Washington, Raia's Italian kitchen.

I also had lunch with my old was good to see all of them.
Angela had me doing work up at the front desk for her in no time.

Dinner with the girls at Cafe Express.

Brunch with Lori (& Saige), Stephanie and Wendy

Molly, Lindsey and I made a trip to the new Forever 21 downtown.
Molly and I bought matching maxi dresses....totally terri.

And last but not least, my little bunkto. Art says I get this crazy look in my eyes every time I'm around Ty. Why can't I pack him up and take him back with me? (Cause his large body mass won't fit in a cute carry on)


Amy said...

ummm.... no mention of the RPs.... :)

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