Tuesday, September 8, 2009

All in a day's jog

On Sunday I went on a little joggy jog to the Schlossberg. I fit a fast paced walk up the Schloss into my run/walk sometimes and it is definitely the most challenging part. It is steep. At first you are kinda going up with enthusiasm "yeah, here I go...getting in some good quad workouts...lovin' my life" and then 2 minuten (yes, minuten) later, you are gasping for air and your back feels like it might crack off. {Unless you are Art and unaffected by strenuous exercise even though you rarely do it anymore.} Lindsey, back me up here...this is not normal...it's not that I'm a wimp.

Anyways, on the way I came across this and took a peek. I love these little markets. This one was all handmade ceramics. {forgive the crusty iPhone photos...it's really hard to keep my shaky hands steady and this thing is sensy}


They love to use egg holders (you can see in this pic if you search). They bring you a hard boiled egg for
breakfast perched in one of these.

You can see the trees are already changing colors...ooh, love it but I'm scared for Winter!


at the top they have this compass to show you where you are in the world in relation to other Euro cities.
Artie like. Can we go to M√ľnster and eat some cheese?
This is always a nice reward for my climb.


melissa said...

Did you buy any of the cute ceramics for your use while you are in this beautiful place? It looks so wonderful but you may need to bundle for the winter.

Amy said...

Oh how cute... I want some of those little egg cups...even though I would probably just use them for decoration! The weather looks like fall for sure.

Lindsay said...

Love the ceramics! I agree with Amy- I'd probably just put jewelry in them, but they're adorable!

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