Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ventilator Valentín vs. Close-it-up Coco

Yes, we've discovered a major area of disagreement in this that marriage prep couldn't have prepared us for. One that at first caused a little feistiness between me and my lovey and now has turned into a game of sorts. It's serious.

Art likes to leave things OPEN. for all time. Take our washing machine for example. The doors and the tray for detergent remain open at all times. He likes to let the water air out for fear of mildew stench. This frustrates me. I like it all closed up and looking nice. Having it open is so canty to my eyes. It's right on the left when you walk into the bathroom and those doors just flappin' open are not ok. I will walk by and close it quietly so Art doesn't hear and be so proud of my sneakiness only to walk back by a couple minutes later and see it is back open! {close it again}

Then I go into the kitchen to make myself a nice little snacky-poo and the oven and dishwasher are wide open too! This actually is a problem as I run into the sharp corners. I usually give Art a little {nice, sweet} shout out like "are you serious?"


And many a time I come home to a house breezin' it up to the max. EVERY single window is open. This is nice at first and gets a lot of fresh air into the apt., but after about 5 minutes, we are harboring our own insect farm. I close the windows and do you think they stay closed? Nope...Venty Valentín always strikes again.

The other night I was lying my head on the arm of the sofa and I saw a big green bug out of the corner of my eye literally almost in my eye..then I heard it {yes, heard the Annie Herman...boy-yoy-yoing noise} as it jumped across the room onto the wall. It was a big a$# green grasshopper. And, I can't tell you how many times I've been in the bath {which has a big window next to it that you can tilt know VV loves that} and see a spider come crawling in or a big ole moth come flapping into my bath water. I yell at Art, "there's a brown recluse in here!". {did you ever get that e-mail about the effects of a brown recluse spider bite? please go look at this guy's hand and you will have arachnophobia like me if you don't already.}

So, not to air our dirty laundry {pun totally intendy} to you peeps, but now it's just part of life at our place. I walk into the bathroom in the morning to get ready and shut the washing machine doors {just part of the daily rountine}. I'm sure Art opens it back up when he gets up and goes in there, but I am gone to German class and it can stay open until my return. It's all about compromise right?


Kimberly said...

Ah the compromises...just wait until you have little bambinos!

Amy said...

i am cracking up! that was a great and funny post coco. i can totally relate. we definitely have our share of those kind of disagreements.

melissa said...

Oh it has only just begun. I know your Mom and Dad have total bliss but things do really happen especially when you have a wondy hubby like mine.

brookes said...

that is so unreal! i can't believe he leaves the oven open. i'm loving this guy!!!!!!

Emily said...

I'm dying I'm laughing so hard. I am the same way - everything closed up and pretty in case "Southern Living" stops by to photo my house!!! :)

Molly said...

Oh my gosh that's so frustrating! Tell Artie to wrap it up.

BETH said...

The picture of that guy's hand almost made me want to vomit.

Tales of Our Journey said...

Well we leave the dishwasher cracked to dry since we have a fun European model that doesn't have a heating coil like all the other US models. However, leaving it all the way open, frusrtating!

Thanks for the laugh.

Katie @ said...

haha! The conflicts of marriage. How funny that you just wrote about this. Swear I wasn't trying to take your husband's side! Well actually I'm going to claim the happy middle by leaving the washing machine and dishwasher cracked. Can I do that?
Oh yes. The windows... gotta love Europeans for leaving their windows open and despising screens all at the same time.

jja said...

I guess all men are the same considering this...but oven really can be closed all the time. I also close my dishwasher, for years, and never hat any humidity problems at all - for the case you want to show this comment to your husband ;-))

Lisa said...

Mike's funny "quirk" is that he likes to rotate items. In other words, when he unloads the dishwasher, he likes to take the clean plates out of the cabinet, put the newly washed ones in the cabinet and then the other ones on top. That way everything gets equal use. He does this with glasses, plates, socks, shirts in his closet, now the burp clths and all of Zoe's onesies. He is outta control. He also asks me if I "rotated" the glasses. No. I didn't. I am glad he isn't a "leave it open-er." Whew.

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