Monday, September 21, 2009

update: husband not total ventilator

art does not always leave the dishwasher and oven open. only for 30 minutes after use to cool off. oh, but washing machine must always be open, K?
{and i never exaggerate, K?}


BETH said...

Did he make you post this? ;)

Katie @ said...

haha! This post is too cute.

I have to admit that after an hour, I'd be creeping over right beside you to close the washer.

Lisa said...

I thought I would tell you that now that our life has changed dramatically and we are here at home A LOT, my entertainment is reading all of your blogs and then picking my favs and reading them aloud to Mike :) Also, be looking for Zoe's announcement in the mail! We sent one all the way to Graz!

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