Monday, September 28, 2009

Lounging in Loipersdorf

{internet photo}

Yesterday we went to Loipersdorf, a wondey natural hot springs spa resort in eastern Austria {very close to the Hungarian border}. There are lots of little places like this all over Austria, but this one is the closest {hour & 20 min. away} and the biggest. It was really nice, sunny and semi-chilly weather...perfect for warm water. I say warm because it was not hot like a hot tub, which I was least in some parts. Still warm enough to feel good. The water is mineraled up and feels sorta slippery when you are in it.


We did love the slide and did some tandem rides.


Art wanted to ride the super fast lazy river all day.





It's a hard life. We're managing.


brookes said...

that place looks like a lil slice of heaven. do people ever get weirded out by your "crowd pics?"

Amy said...

wow... the girls would love that place! it is so much more charming than american waterparks. :)

Molly said...

agreed with amy. that makes schiltterbahn look so crusty!

Anonymous said...

If it was like a giant bath, I'm sure Art had to drag you out of that place. -Kris. PS can't figure out how to leave my own comments...not trying to be shay anonymy!

Carolyn Valentín said...

I don't know what the deal is with the comments being so tricky. I must figure it out for you, my luvas. Dankeschön for the comments as always.

BETH said...

How wondey! Lovin' Art's haircut! I've been trying to Skype you, but you are never there :(

Kimberly said...

Looks Fab! It seems amazing there!

melissa said...

Wow that looks amazing and by the way so do you and Art. His haircut looks great. I almost thought you were taking a pic with someone else.

Juliette said...

don't you love these?! We go to them all the time here in Germany and the bubble beds are our favorite! You should go to the glam one in Bad Ischl sometime. My parents came over and my dad was like, "I'm not paying 12 euro for 3hrs in some pool", but when we were all inside and kicking back he looked over and said he'd been so wrong! lol =)

Katie @ said...

I'm with Juliette - these places can be so fun! The first time I went to one, we were looking for my husband's grandma and walked into this room of rather plump naked people all tanning in a long row. Almost died laughing once the shock of it was over. They looked like those gas station hot dog stands, full of red little sausages turning round and round.
...I like your experience much better!

simply seleta said...

What a cool blog you have over here!


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