Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Topfen is a popular soft, sweet cheese used in many pastries and strudels in Austria. We don't really have anything exactly like it in America. It has a lower fat content than cream cheese and no added salt. In Germany, they call it Quark. Anyways, a topfenknödel, topfen dumpling, is a common little tasty treat here and the other night I tried my hand at some.

Roll the topfen mixture (with a little sugar and egg?) and boil those cheese balls in salted water.

Then roll them up in the sugared breadcrumbs.

Sprinkle some powdey sugie on top and you have yourself an Austrian delicacy. And your husband will eat 5 in 20 minutes!

ok, so mine weren't homemade...I got the frozen ones (still good).

Can you guess what Brösel and Zucker are? {Nouns are ALWAYS capitalized in German...crazy}

Next, I'll be trying a topfenstrudel:


1richtungsblog said...

Hi Carolyn!
I will send Hannah over - she could live on these! How have you been? How is your German coming along? I will give you a ring tomorrow to chat a little! :)
xo Anita

Amy said...

looks like a tasty treat! of course art was gobbling them up.

Juliette said...

topfen strudel with vanilla sauce is my fave - yum!

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