Monday, October 11, 2010

Good Afternoon

or morning to most of you.

I know that I've been neglecting my blog a bit, but the honest truth is... I don't really know what to say. Could I be blogged out on Graz?

Just finished Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box.

I've also been busy with blog designing (everyone get rid of Internet Explorer...or PCs in general to make my life easier, please) and taking an English instructor training course. Yes, I could possibly be teaching English to some business peeps soon. The method is no translating, no books (for me yes, not in class for students..only for homework) and no reading or writing during class. Class time (time with valuable me...a native English speaker that makes up her own words...shh..didn't tell them!) is for speaking only. I do think it's a good method. Maybe if I had done more of this method in German, I could speak more easily without translating and analyzing beforehand too much in my noggin.

It's a method that makes teaching a bit harder though. You have to make sure everything flows smoothly and prepare a lot. It might be strange to sit there with a bunch of German businessmen from the Austrian Finanzamt and be their boss. I can probably get used to it, though..."Listen here little luvas, this is called a's not so wondey, k?...we want assets on the double. danke!"

Our weather was terri for a good week or two with constant grey skies and raining scattered throughout, so we took full advantage of this past weekend of sun (and chilliness).

and we were not the only ones. EVERYONE was outside stealing our novel idea.

We found the biggest fenced-in dog park Graz has to offer and strolled Elsie on over there. She was in hog dog heaven...and the only dog running around the park in circles, tongue out, excited as hell. She's crazy extra special, that one.
We stand around with other dog owners that treat their canines like royalty, which in turn makes us feel normal and snazzy.


So, hopefully I will be inspired with more material in the coming days. If not, I could start preaching or ranting..we'll see. I have a lot of deep thoughts stored up in this brain that float around on tram rides and never get published...probably a good thing, but they could be busting forth soon.

Again, fire out your crap PCs, get Macs, see what graphic design on a monitor is REALLY supposed to look like and finally start living life.



Juliette said...

I know how you feel. I've been upping the ante on my freelance editing life and will also begin teaching English for the first time in 2wks. Your method does sound interesting, though! Everybody gets a book in my class, but I'm worried I'm going to bore them to tears. All the things that I hated about my German classes are haunting me, so I'm trying to focus on the things I actually liked (games) lol! So much more stress than my PhD students who supply me with work to critique! =P

Elizabeth Ann said...

I love love love the picture of the lane with the trees over it! :-) SO pretty! :-) Seriously. . . LOVING my blog! :-) You are AMAZING!

Ines said...

If you're taking the instructor course with Inlingua... Of the 20 people that took it with me, only 1 found work, we were all from very different countries. Apart from that, they never called me for the second part of the seminar and kept my money anyway. Said it was my fault not calling them. Maybe, but they never specified I should do so. Out of my own experience, I wouldn't trust them, but good luck!

Take care


Julie said...

I'm also wordless right now...could it be the cold weather?? You'll do just fine teaching; I'm sure they'll love all the wondey new words :-)!! If you need any material, I have some awesome websites with lesson plans (but shhh, don't tell a soul)!

Molly said...

i liked this random kind of scattered post! and i'm glad we got to talk this weekend. good news! dr jensen said the knee injury should be all patched up by the pep rally this week! such a relief. now i just have to worry about my 5 AP classes, yearbook deadlines, and getting into this college place :)

Kimberly said...

Can you do a post on what to wear with jeggings? Still struggling.

Amber said...

Love your designs - echt profi! Maybe another window-shopping trip this week?

VictoriaArt said...

Darling, do not struggle, your every day posts are funny and interesting and all that.... just keep writing!
I always have those thoughts and then something comes to my mind and this is how it is! I always wonder how some write these incredible posts every time I look.. but perhaps they are just smarter then I ; )

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