Thursday, October 14, 2010

read these...

I don't have anything for you today, but my friends do:

Julie, a new blog friend, had a good post yesterday with random little trivia about how things are done in Germany (and all of these things apply to Austria too).

My "real life" friend (ha), Amber, has resumed blogging and her detailed, eloquent posts on Graz's Bauernmarkt (Farmer's Market) and our seasonal Sturm wine belong in Food & Wine. And, she always accompanies her write-ups with her own beauty photos that make you wish you had some of whatever she's discussing 'on the doppel'.


Julie said...

What a sweet surprise it was reading your blog today, Carolyn! Have you been getting my mom's comments?? Everytime I talk to her, she raves about your blog and takes delight in your humor...

Amber said...

Aw shucks! Thanks for the shout Ms. Valentín. I just made a Zwiebelkuchen. I'll be post the recipe am Morgen. Easy, cheap and tasty... plus it uses Blätterteig, which is always fun. :)

The Rigoloso's said...

Hi Carolyn!
Just stumbled upon your blog and love it!
I now want to visit Graz!

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