Monday, October 18, 2010

Singin' in the Rain

On Saturday night, we met up with my new American friend, Meredith, and her husband Mike to have some drinks and head to the opera! Our first time.

We had drinks at one of my favorite caf├ęs, a cute, little blue house.

Whoopi (why is Whoopi here?!) guarded over Art while he sipped on his White Russian.

It was the opening night of "Singin' in the Rain":


Looks like an Opera House to me


I read a little about the musical on Wikipedia before we went and I'm glad I did. All the speaking was in German and the songs were in English (with German subtitles above the stage). Meredith and Mike have only lived here for 6 weeks and admitted to having a really hard time understanding most of the story in the first act. I understood about 35% of what they were saying and knowing the general storyline from Wiki was a big help. I gave Art little whisper hints as to what they were talkin' bout.

It was excellent, though. All the costumes, stage sets, singing, dancing (the tap dancing was wondey!) and sparkly sparkly dresses!

Maybe it will inspire me to sing and dance in the Graz rain instead of cursing it. I'll need a yellow umbrelly and some cute rain boots to make that happen.


We didn't get any pics with Mike and Meredith, so you'll have to 'meet' them at a later time. Mike plays professional hockey and after living in Croatia for a year and a short time in Germany, they are here with us in Graz.


Julie said...

If you can get inspired to sing in the rain, maybe I can get inspired to sing in the snow!! On Thursday, the first snowfall is predicted. Yikes!!

The Rigoloso's said...

How exciting to have new friends! My husband & I have always wanted to go to an opera. One day!

Elizabeth Ann said...

Christi's blog looks amazing and I LOVE the blue house! SOOO Glad I can live vicariously through YOU!

Amber said...

So pretty! Great shots. Glad to hear you had a good time with Whoopie. :)

Kim aus Kanada said...

You've gone to the blue cafe!!! I think it is so cute but have not made it in there yet! Good to know I won't be disappointed when I eventually do! Believe it or not, I met Meredith the night before at a hockey game. She was looking for some English-speaking non-Mom contacts here...and, naturlich, I thought of you. Was going to try and hook you two up and then found out you already know each other and were planning a swanky evening out at the Oper! Too funny! Glad it was good time! See you tomorrow night? Looking forward to hearing/meeting Amber! :-)

Rachel @ Pencil Shavings said...

Man, the architecture of that little blue cafe is just so lovely!

Rachel in Heidelberg said...

I so wanted to go to the blue cafe! Did you dress up for the theatre? How can you NOT know Singin' in the Rain? Rent the original film now!

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