Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shoutout to my Suze

{Me and Suzanne at a Robert Earl Keen concert at Texas A&M in 2000}

One of my best friends and my college roommate for 3 years (we met freshman year or we probably would have lived together then too) got married in September and I was quite upset that I could not be there.


When you choose to live with someone year after year, that says something. I can only recall one fight the entire 3 years and that was over 'taking a bath'. We are both bath bimbos and I recall getting in the bathtub upstairs and she came running up peesed saying "I was gonna get in the bath!"..."well, sorry...I beat you..and haven't you taken two already today?".

Suze is now a Physician's Assistant for a pediatrician in Dallas...she worked hard in all those Biomedical Science classes in college while I headed to west campus to 'study' with all the rest of the business majors.

Suz is also a serious sport fan, like a guy, and can hang well with the guys, but she's pretty and petite... and dang hilarious. We laughed our booties off so much.


I miss you, Suz. I can't wait to see you and get to know Brian better in December. I already know he's got a good roomie for life.


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