Monday, December 7, 2009

Advent Advancer

Photobucket many days of Advent have we had so far?
Yeah, I think somebody* went a little overboard on the nasty milk chocolate that comes in these things.

*not me and not Elsie


Kimberly said...

Reminds me of Chloe! We have a wooden one where you take out a magnet of a piece of the nativity scene and she cries each night when we only let her open ONE!

Amy said...

oh, the girls would do the same thing... but i agree, that chocolate is nasty!

Anonymous said...

That's really funny. I counted 19 doors open. My 3 year old has practiced more restraint than that....we're actually a day behind on the Advent kalendar!

R. said...

Um, did Art eat CHRISTMAS?! No shame...

Unknown said...

Hmmm,hmmm, good!

Sweet! Victoria

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