Friday, December 4, 2009

Birthday Cuisine

Art and I rarely go out to eat, especially for dinner, so dining at a chic little restaurant with a delectable menu last night was quite a treat. Please share in my dining pleasure through some purple-tinted pics...


Anonymous said...

So glad we got to celebrate your b-day with you! Love the purple pics - very chic. I mean, just look at Virgin Air. ;)

Makenna said...

you look sooo pretty Carolyn! and i love your outfit! hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Unknown said...

Oh, you are too sweet!!!Happy Birthday, darling!
That looks all delishious!
Such sensible portions, one is so not used to it over here!
That cute barette is so fitting for you, it's somewhat familiar, since my daughter wears such one just like you!

PS: In German you will say: Russin, russische is the adjective...
Also: Eine bezaubernde Russin!!!

Amy said...

looks delish! you will have to take mimi, pops, and molly there when they visit. sounds like you had a great birthday!

gina marie said...

happy birthday !!

wow, that din din looks beautiful and delish!!!

Erin said...

we don't have enough froth over here. but we did get SNOW yesterday! so luscious...but sam missed it...he be nappin'.

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