Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More of the Dog

Elsie basically had her own photoshoot last week. I know..ridic. We took her on a long walk through the park and she loved every minute of it. I have to document this now (with over-the-top cutesy captions) because she is growing so fast.

These eyes get us every time.

Her show dog stance.
(Notice the blue leash with the red harness...go America.)

A lot of running mad in circles took place.

Always checking out her peeps.

Ich liebe Graz!

Takin' a breather with Art.

Greeting fans.
(Many times it looks like she has a nub tail because the camera can't keep up with the wagging.)

She thought this was a fun tromping trough just for her.

On the way to the Christmas markets...more pictures to follow on that next.


R. said...

Could you bring her to Georgia so she and Waldo can play? He LOVES him some puppies. All the grown up dogs scoff at him and won't play at the dog park. What are you doing in April? I want to come to Europe.

alison giese Interiors said...

She is the most precious pup I've ever seen!!! Those eyes would certainly get me, too!

Amber said...

Beautiful shots. She is precious! I like Art's new handbag... ;) Can't wait for the Adventmarkt photos.

Amy said...

Great photos sis! I am sad we don't get to see her while she is a pup, but we are loving her from afar! Where is her cute little sweater vest?

Natalie of TheBusyBudgetingMama.com said...

these photos are beautiful!! we used to have a puppy like that..so cute. nice blog..came via pure style home!

E Money said...

adorable!! i was wondering when we'd get some more elsie! no offense but she's totally my favie...

Tricia said...

Elsie is just precious and what great photos. My first visit to your blog and I love it!

Unknown said...

Goodness, I haven't been here for a few days and I miss the best stuff!!!
She is one adorable pooch!
So ein suesser Hund!


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