Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Some Seriously Wondey Care Packages : I Highly Recommend Moving Abroad

So my 30th birthday is probably by the time you read this. Oldie. Not really...I'm not one to fret about just seems to get better and better the older I get so bring it on drei├čig! That would be thirty. And that would not be dree-big, but rather dry-sick. I thought it was a B at first too. It's a scharfes 's' can look up 'scharfes' on your own. I'm old now and got some carpal tunny.

So, onto the reason I'm writing... about a week ago I received a huge package from all six of my siblings..the 3 bros and the 3 sistas. Out of the birthday wasn't even a flicker in my Deutsch-combobulated brain.

It came in this:

I was already lovin' my life.

I had told my oldest sister, Amy, in one of our many convos regarding all things important such as home decor, fashion and blogs how much I loved the J. Crew Campo bag. The leather now is sorta soft, like suede, and it's made to get lovelier with age, wear and tear...hopefully I can emulate that. If not, Le Mer wouldn't be so costly to ship next year huh? It's fairly big and got all sorts of pockets for Euro living. You never know when you gotta stash away some apples, a water bottle or German binders for class. Enough detailing it...I love it! (And, I kinda want to keep the note in it forever)

Elsie even got her own stash:

People here are appalled that I would put a "Pulli" (sweater) on her and one lady on the tram told me, "She doesn't like that"..I said, "Oh yeah she does"..."No, I don't think so"..."Well, she bought it so I think she does"...Yes, I said that. Don't tell me what my dog likes, K? She looks quite comfy to me. (The parka is another story)

Art pulled out item after item. My sister, Erin, had put a lot of time into this and wrote little notes on each item and packaged it all so wonderly.

I loved every bit of it and rationed my magazine reading as to not waste it all too soon, but rather span it out over a week. Yes, this is serious. Gotta hoard my treasures.

Still on the high of my sibling loot, early this morning our buzzer rings and we are like "who the heck...we ain't got no visitors ever". Art comes busting in, "we got two packages!". We opened them in a hurry.


My former co-workers back in Houston had put together a huge bomb of Tex-Mex goodness and shipped it on over. Most of the stuff they knew we didn't have over here from the old bloggeroo. Once again, overwhelmed with shock, gratitute and warm fuzzies.

Someone else was loving it too:

I mean, I could open up a small Mexican restaurant


They even put a mug of my co-worker Warren that I made and ordered on Kodak Gallery three years
ago to give in the office white elephant gift exchange. (He was always a good sport about being the
butt of harmless office jokes.) I love it that it made its way full circle back to me in Austria.

And yes, queso was made and devoured shortly afterwards
And mac 'n' cheese for dinner. Feelin' a bit stuffed full of processed goodness.

Thank you, thank you again. This made my next decade.


E Money said...

Happy Birthday!! Erin Modge gives the best freaking presents! Glad to see she hooked you up with some good stuff. And Elsie loves her sweather obvs b/c she looks so freaking cute!

Micaela said...

i found you through warm pears and i'm loving your life :) what an amazing family and co-workers you have (a fellow Texan can appreciate all the Tex-Mex goods!) and i think that just really says a lot about the person you are... easy to love.

Juliette said...

Happy Birthday! Those are seriously awesome packages - way to go friends and fam! Also, loved "well she bought it..." lol

dog clothes here are pretty acceptable. my MIL's dog has a jacket and she LIKES wearing it, kinda prances when she has it on, ha ha

Anonymous said...

It's the little things, right? So cool. And gorgeous shots of all the loot - just lovely. Happy birthday!

Sneaker Teacher said...

What awesome packages! I am totally jealous of all the food goods! Chocolate chips especially!

What a lucky girl you are.

Happy Birthday


Angela said...

We (at the office) are sooo glad that you and Art loved the boxes!! I thinks it's awesome that you got such wonderful gifts from your family moments before! It's like we're showering you. :)

Kimberly said...

Okay- that was just cruel to post...Aussie custom laws wouldn't allow half those goodies in! Oh the Mags! How fun and happy birthday!!! You got some good sibs to send the package!!!
Enjoy your big day!

Erin said...

hahaha, i love the sweater picture of elsie, that is hilarious.

paula said...

Happy belated birthday! your loot is amazing. what sweet friends and family.

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