Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lovin' this House

{acting as a design blogger again}

This Atlanta home belongs to Jill Sharp Brinson, creative director for Ballard Designs and interior designer. Rough life...she travels Europe for ideas and inspiration. I think I need to get in on this gig. Elsie can come with.

Just take a gander...the house as a whole is a tiny bit too rustic for my taste, but I guess I could live here if I had to. No, I would love to live here and sip café lattes and read my Eat, Pray, Love.

This is my favey room for sure:
Look at those lofty stairs with those bookshelves. Love the big white lantern. Love the accents of pink
pared down with the taupes and greys. Love the wood beams with all white walls and high ceiling.

Next favey: the luscious bedroom:
windows, white chairs, wondey bed, cool curtains behind bed, swing arm lamps and some more pink
accents in the coverlet. cozy.

just cute:
write me a letter here, Jill and tell me how you do it, K?

and the kitchen:
quaint to the max. windows are outta control wondey

Are you loving it too? Go here to read the entire article and to see pictures of the whole house on
House Beautiful's website.

First seen on La Dolce Vita.


Amy said...

how funny... mom and i were just discussing this house the other day. my absolute favorite part is those steel windows... amazing. i do wonder if she actually has anything in her house from ballard....

Courtney said...

I am not usually a House Beautiful reader, but I saw this home on the cover at the store and almost died! It is just gorgeous, isn't it?

Molly said...

that is a really pretty house!

gina marie said...


alison giese Interiors said...

I dog-eared that spread first and foremost for the steel-framed windows throughout that house - can you IMAGINE? {sigh}

BETH said...

Love this house... are you reading Eat, Pray, Love right now? I am too - borrowed from a friend. Only 30 pages into it though. Miss you! Expect something soon from bird (Kris kringle)!

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