Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Alumni Come to Town

Don and Terri (American Graz dwellers ca. '98 - '00)

Back in March I got an e-mail from a former American Graz expat saying he found my blog and was enjoying reliving Graz through our pictures and experiences.

We e-mailed back and forth a bit and he sometimes commented on the blog. Good work, Don.

Fast forward to yesterday: Art and I are enjoying a nice lunch with Don, his wife Terri and their friends, Rob and Gwen at the fantastic Landhaus Jöbstl. {Käferbohnen Salat, Backhendl mit Bratkartoffeln and... Bier, natürlich!}

Rob and his wife Gwen (Michiganders who will be living in Atlanta quite soon)

They try to come back to Graz every 3 years or so and visit their old friends. Don and Terri live in North Carolina where Terri says "it reminds me a bit of Graz with all the green and pretty nature." Rob and Gwen visited them when they lived here and have been back several times with them, so they know their Austria.

It was so much fun to meet them and chat about both of our times in Graz, how the city has changed a little bit, but not much and American life vs. Euro life. They are stocking up on the pumpkin seed oil, hitting their old spots and chowin' down on lots of Styrian cuisine. (Don sent me these pictures from his camera an hour after we got home from that. he could definitely be a blogger.)

Thanks again, all of you, for such a treat. We hope to live up to your legacy!


Juliette said...

how fun! pumpkin seed oil on salads = delish!

Kimberly said...

How fun that blogging brought some new friends your way...too bad they couldn't have brought some Velveeta your way too! :)
How come no one wants to find me via my Perth blog? You are always hookin up.
Oh well. No worries!

Monika said...

Backhendl, yum! Kaeferbohnensalat, yum! And don't forget the Kernoel! Thanks for dinner!

Anonymous said...

So awesome that your a blogger celebrity now! I love that you met some new peeps through this thing.

Rachel in England said...

That food is making my mouth water! Also loving your coat - you're going to tell me it's H&M but you make it look classy or something, right?

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