Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Or as we call it: Topfglück

Amber had the great idea last week for a potluck dinner so we could all get together and enjoy some homemade goodness. Since Amber and David hosted the grand Thanksgiving meal last year and Ania and Thomas some serious Swedish fare at their place this summer, it was our turn to host.

The reason I haven't had a group of people over yet is because we don't quite have the accommodations. We have a little white table (that seats 4 max) and only 4 chairs. How do we do a dinner for 6? Well, check it out:

A makeshift banquette with Art's glass trestle desk and our sectional.

It worked out perfectly. Gotta make do in Austria-poo.

Amber brought a yum and spicy white bean chicken chili and I made enchiladas. (And Amber brought and alerted me to the fact that there is cilantro here!) Brownies and ice cream for Nachspeise and Thomas and Ania supplied all the beer.

Elsie did her usual and made the rounds sucking out as much attention and love from each person before moving onto the next.

Don't worry. This was way after dinner during chatting and drinking...and these people sorta invited her over to them.

And....she ended her run in papa's lap.

First Topfglück a success....so much fun. Too much fun as I'm sorta slow-goin' today. So lucky (or shall I say glücky?) to have such great friends here....that can cook too! :)


Amber said...

Glücky! I love that. So fun last night, thank you.

Amy said...

did you change out the artwork in the frames? i likey!

Cathy McConn said...

So nice to have good friends to dine with. Your enchiladas look delish!

Kimberly said...

Your apt is so cute! Looks great!

Julie said...

Topfglück. Love this word! You gome mean apartment deco going on; nice!

Laura said...

Love your apartment! -the floors, the white, it looks all quite chic!

Laura in Ludwigsburg, Germany

Unknown said...

What fun! I remember an almost exact similar image in our own first studio in NYC! A trestle glass table, doubling as my husbands desk at the time, not even having a sofa to make do...and so much good times regardless of the circumstances.
You all look happy and your sweet dog is stealing the show!
Potluck dinner is such fabulous idea! It looks so good!


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