Friday, September 17, 2010

Creativity Friday

Any of you men, and possibly a lot of you ladies out there, won't give a hoot about this, but gotta spread my love of all things creative. Plus, I don't have much else on this Friday mornin'. I have blog design clients lining up my inbox thanks to Christi who put out a little post yesterday on her P is for Party blog. I designed a new family blog for her and she's popular, so I've already gotten a lot of inquiries. Thanks, Christi! And, if you are throwing a party soon, don't look at her site. You will feel like a crusty loser. Those parties moms (and Christi herself) are putting out these days are unbelievable. I kid...go give it a gander...but it will knock your party socks off.

So, anyways, speaking of people that make you feel sheepish...
I have some admiration and a bit of an envious streak for Stefanie at A Brooklyn Limestone. She started her blog several years ago to share the massive renovation of their...Brooklyn Limestone. And, what they did is pretty dang amazing. But, it doesn't stop there. She designs invitations too. Um...her Christmas cards are WONDEY. And her photos..

Let's show you what I'm talking about:

Kitchen before:

After their own redo:


Master bedroom before:

And now:


All the other rooms are beauty too.

Moving on to her stationary magic. She loves holidays and loves sending out unique Christmas cards.

Last year:
In lieu of the traditional card, she designed and then made her own tea towels using a screenprinting machine, called a Yudu.

Need a Yudu on the doub. (Don't have mainstay kitchen appliances, but a Yudu is necessary in life.)

And it isn't some cheesy, Christmasy design...these are pretty:

Now, let's look at her Halloween invitations from last year:

This is not Martha, I promise.

And some of her house decorations for the party:

She and her husband also travel a lot and her photography is just as good as her other stuff:
From their last trip to Kenya:

They don't have kids if you are wondering. :)

{all photos from A Brooklyn Limestone}

Have a great weekend!


Heather said...

Isn't she crazy talented? I've told her before she needs to quite her day job and become a designer full time.
Congrats on the design work btw!

Cathy McConn said...

Wow. That before kitchen doesn't even have plumbing that I can see. Amazing transformation. And how did she deliver all those tea towels? by post? We'll be doing a little more traditional to our list of 150+. Love the hanging skeletons.

melissa said...

Maybe Christiana needs to move to Brooklyn. Her apt. in Manhattan does not look like that. They did an incredible job. You know if I had a blog I would have you design it. Hope I get to see you when you come home.


Julie said...

Jealous, but in a good way :-)! That blog, the apartment, the invites are heavenly.

Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

Just saw this post! Thanks for the shout out and glad your inbox is full! =)

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