Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Germany's People Magazine

I know I already dirndl-ed you up last week, but it's what I got cooking this week too. I just find it charming, sassy and funny all at once. And, it's pure Austria and southern Germany (Bavaria).

While waiting in the doctor's office ( nose has been running for 6 weeks straight now), (ps. I got the allergy prick (scratch) test I've always been mom is smiling bc she's always thought I'm a hypochondy, and nothing. Minor, minor allergy to dust mites.) Anyways, I found myself perusing this magazine:

Bunte. I'm thinking it's Germany's version of US Weekly or People Magazine.
Their tagline is "Leidenschaft für Menschen" ("Passion for People") or more like "passion for gossip". Naturally, I picked it up over the Der Spiegel.

I thought you might enjoy a peek inside.
First off...the cover story. Boris Becker's wedding. This dude is always in the tabloids over here. A famous tennis player. He used to date Sandy Meyer-Wölden (another tabloid regular) and you'd see their mugs all over the place. Now, apparently he's gone and married ole Lilly.

Sandy and Boris back in happier times.

There aren't a lot of celebs to go around in these parts, so you see the same ones over and over EVEN more here than in America. I know this because these are always lying around at the gym and I pick one up and try to read it (read: look at the pictures) while stretching. It's my own free private library. And since nobody stretches in Austria, it's nice and quiet and lonely on my mat.

So, moving on....they had an Oktoberfest special in this issue and here's what we got:

Oh my.

Something about "17 days of fun until you drop/pass out"

ok, so I'll come out and say it: the Oktoberfest sounds like my worst you know how much fun I am. I hate big, crowded festivals with people everywhere..esp. drunk dressed-up people that stink and get in my way. Oh, hello Houston Rodeo. (ok, so I can do it ONE night..that's it.)

This one cracks me up. Is this German Posh Spice?




Hope you enjoyed.

Tschüß, Baba!


Juliette said...

Please do another magazine spread post come Karnival in January...oh the cheesy costumes that come out then!! =P

Anonymous said...

i agree, oktoberfest sounds like hell on earth. apart from that, i thought you might find this site useful: (i use it all the time and especially like the discussion forum)

Unknown said...

What fun... I was torn between laughing or being embarrassed.....
Becker still in the rainbow press? Armes Deutschland!

Kim from Canada said...

I agree with you on the magazines. If it's not Boris Becker, it's all the royals (from every European country, not just England).
PS Bought a dirndl!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog while googling blogs of Americans living in Europe. My husband and I visited Oktoberfest this year, and it was just as I should have expected - crowded, loud, and lots of drunk people. I'm much happier at home now in my slippers. :)

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