Friday, September 3, 2010

Imperial Trellis on the Cheap

Since I can't have any real Imperial Trellis adorning my walls like these ladies:

Chloe Sevigny's entryway

An Australian blogger's home

Gwyneth Paltrow's bathroom

Beach Bungalow 8's darling kitchen nook. She recently painted her dark floors white. Love it.

I made myself an Imperial Trellis painting.

{Showing my apt after those pics is not ideal.}

Our very white entryway needed some snazzing up and about 2 months ago when Art was in the States and I needed a project to occupy my time, I got myself a canvas and some paints and went to town. I'm half proud (this is not an easy pattern to draw/then paint yourself...and mine isn't perfect but gets the idea across) and half embarrassed of my makeshift decor.


And I know this pattern is everywhere and sorta overdone (you only know this if you care about this stuff!), but I still like it. It will only be in my life another 2 years max anyways and then I can sell it for huge bucks. :)

P.S. We had to buy our hallway lights. Did you know in Europe when you move out, you take your lights with you, so when we moved in every room in our house had just a lightbulb dangling out of a crusty hole in the ceiling. Good thing Ikea's got cheap options. (They don't do recessed lighting in Europe...I like pendant lights better anyways.)

P.P.S. Just to hang this thing, we (Art) have to get out a drill and do some serious stuff with rocks and things flying out of our 3-foot thick cinder walls of death. Enjoy your cheap drywall. Gallery walls are a cinch for you. Nicht für mich. ok, bye.


Julie said...

Sw-eet! Ummm...I'd buy your painting for big bucks when you go stateside ;-). Did you have a pattern you traced? So cool!

Unknown said...

This is great, why not try it on a small wall?
And I see your joy going home to TX for the holidays in December!
Liebe Gruesse! V.

Erin said...

Looks so great, Carolyn! Great color choice. I'm obsessed with Gwyneth P.'s bathroom...

Juliette said...

it's great! nice work! and yeah, the walls. We have a "Schlagbohrmaschine", a bolt hammer. That's what my husband has to use to hang stuff in our apt. Needless to say I have major anxiety about hanging stuff b/c once it's there, it's STAYING there!

Amy said...

love it! i would never have the patience to do that. it def adds a pop of color. maybe when you come home, we can get you a real imperial trellis pillow or somesing!!!

Anonymous said...

first of all, I love your blog! (amy tipped me ; ) And I looove your painting!!
and if Art goes away for a longer trip, here is your next project;


Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

Ahh! GREAT idea and I love Gwenyth Paltrow's bathroom!!! I have the grey Imperial Trellis in our powder room and love it!

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