Monday, January 17, 2011

Graz was Featured...

...on the front of my side of the family's Christmas card this year.  Actually, since my mom asked me about a week into my stay in Texas (which would be around December 10th) to craft up a card...the most socially busy two weeks of the last 2 years of my life, it instead came to be a New Year's card.

You see, the challenge is all in the photo as it is with most families.  There aren't many occasions where all 16 of us (including grandchildren) are together.  There have definitely been years where I've had to photoshop a sibling in.  There have also been years that family members are mysteriously missing.  (Whoops..well, that's almost all of us..who's gonna notice?'s good enough...SEND.)

Let's look at some past cards, shall we?  (I have the files being that I am the obliging creator year after year.)

made a booklet of pages held together by a brad since we didn't have a pic of everyone.

Jimmy in the back was photoshopped in.  so terri.

Bridget's Own Diary is just a pipsqueak here.


 Not only did we all make it this year, but we are matching.  And we took some pics with Art in them and some without.  We were just dating, but little did I know Art had asked my dad if he could marry me on this trip.  People are not allowed in the card unless there's a ring, k?

and the inside came with a numbered map of who was who and description on their life dreams and hopes.  not really, but what they were up to.  i cut that out because it is top secret Wikileaks type info.

The year of two weddings.

and now...

Featuring: Graz!

(I apologize for these horrific photos...I have the shakes and can not take a steady photo.)  Oh, and I designed this and we just used for the was fair.  Not super impressed.

those unfortunate souls that missed out on Graz got their own blurb on the inside cover. 
(Is that family beach photo not wondey?)

and there you go.

I hope you enjoyed this peek inside the makings of a family's Christmas card.  It's a serious job, folks.


Cat said...

Love all of these! Very talented! :)

Juliette said...

No joke that's serious! Those are some all-encompassing cards! I love that so many of your family members came to see you! I'm hoping to have my fam make it over this year. We're almost at 4yrs and my brother has yet to visit and my sister and BIL (and almost 2 kids)...well, I'm hoping for Christmas visits!

Lindsey Lenig said...

Love them all....need to use your skills soon ;)

melissa said...

I loved seeing all the great cards you create. I save them each year because they are so wondey just like you.

Julie said...

I've got a little complex now...I can't even manage a card with four peeps, let alone sixteen!! Two thumbs up, Carolyn!

Kimberly said...

I love it! The white one reminds me of a certain Modern Family episode. Do you know it?
Serious blogger issues at the moment. Friend is having a look tomorrow.

Amy said...

So fun to see all of those. Definitely a great new years card this year, but i agree... zazzle is not so great.

molly b. said...

love a good Christmas/New Years card! very talented, my friend.

Rachel in Heidelberg said...

That's so sweet that he asked permission!
I never understood why dogs weren't allowed in that particular supermarket when they ARE allowed everywhere else?
Missing Moser, that gorgeous kitchenware shop & the shoe shop next to it but NOT Austrian prices!
No more swine 'flu, just a mad sprint to the end of the semester now . . .!

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