Thursday, January 6, 2011

Photo of the Day

Image Credit: Robert Pölzl

On Tuesday morning, Art remembers waking up to sunny windows and then coming out of the shower and noticing it was darker outside...and still no clouds in the sky. 

Well, it so happens that we had a partial solar eclipse over here in Europa. You know, when the penumbra of the Moon's shadow passes over a region on the Earth's surface.  I love a good penumbra. This was the first of a series of four in 2011. America, I'm not sure you are on the invite list for these.

The wondey picture of the Graz clocktower above is a compilation of different frames taken at 15 minute intervals.  Pretty marvelous, huh?

Seen on this website...which has further explanation.


Cat said...

That's amazingly beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Cathy McConn said...

Love it! and just what type of filter do you need to take all those pictures of the sun at different stages? Wow. No amateur photographer, for sure. We had a lunar eclipse here that was much touted around Christmas at 1:00 a.m. but it was cloudy so no show. boo. Molly and her friends stayed up to catch it.

Molly said...

beauty i love it! our eclipse or whatever wasn't nearly as cool. in fact, it wasn't visible at all. love me some h-town!

Jessica said...

Did you just re-do your blog header or am I imagining? I love it!

Amber said...

So cool! Thanks for sharing this!

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