Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not a fan of Jan.

First of all, that was NOT our apartment.  Don't want to mislead anyone into thinking that...I just really quite loved it and filed it away under "dream on fool".

Second of all, can we get some variety on the weather?  I'm so tired of this cold crap.  Time to wrap it up.  You know I was loving my new puffer just a mere month ago and now I want to burn that thing to hell.  Every on, zip off, get zipper stuck in flap thing, zip up, zip down, tie around, look like Michelin woman, repeat.

I don't need to go frolicking outside much as I have PLENTY of work to do.  I sorta overbooked January and have been designing and html-ing like a mad woman.

Another reason I think I'm so canty...too much computer time and not enough outside fun time.  But, it's not fun out there.  Elsie thinks so and continues to romp to victory in the snow, ice name it.  She charges forward with constant vigor and might, huffing and puffing her way to our destination...causing complete embarrassment to my soul and society.  I get one of two reactions from fellow passersby:
1. So Süß!  They love it and her and cause even more disruption in my life by paying her attention and sending her tail into turbospin.
2. They tell me what I should be doing with her so that she isn't so perked and pulling or that she is dying from suffocation.  Does it look like she is dying?  Did I ask for your horrific advice?  She does this to herself.  She loves it.  (she doesn't do it on the way home.)

Another tidbit: Did you know in some of my friends' home towns it's like -34 degrees.  Come again?  My friend Monica (Grüß Gott, Monica!), from Canada, said it's a whole nother kind of cold.  Your nose hairs freeze...your rubber boots feel and sound like metal.  That sounds great.

Obviously, I need some respite.  Usually that comes in the form of carb loading.  Usually it's not good that there's a fine pastry shop down the street...


Juliette said...

I feel your pain. I keep looking at the last-minute offers to warm places like Mallorca and the Canary Islands (Europe's equivalent of the Caribbean) if it's going to happen. sigh.

Louisa said...

Oh my gosh, I am SO with you. Especially today, when here it's a horrible, drippy "winter mix." I'm ready to throw my puffer coat out the window. Carb loading is obviously the only way to go. :)

Julie said...

Hot damn. I'm with you. It's time to cut the cold. Just as I was about to pull my flip-flops out, it started snowing. Again. I've had my puffy coat for two winters now and I will not only burn it come June, but bury it! Happy Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Oooo, I feel your pain sista! It's snow-mania around here. I just retired my 6 yr. old puffer. Thought a new one would somewhat boost my spirits but alas, I too am just plain old sick of all things puffy-coated. Hang in there! Things that help me are: hot chocolate, a nice fuzzy robe for the cold mornings, decorating/organizing projects around my apartment (since I'm stuck in it so much) and of course keeping up with the blog scene.

molly b. said...

whew... you are alive! maybe not happily so, but alive indeed! ;) hope things warm up soon for you.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya ....Michigan is so ugly, cold, and grey...I'm so ready for some sunny days...Warm Hugs, Monika

Kristen said...

Hahaha, your descriptions are killing me. Elsie sounds like a hoot, but I can see how the constant stares and unsolicited advice would get old quick. My cold weather vice is hot chocolate...I imagine Austria would have some ridiculous hot chocolate...mmm

Between You and Me said...

I found you from Constant in Chaos this did a beautiful job on her blog design.

I homeschool our kids and we learned about Austria some this week.

jja said...

I somehow missed that you have a job now! Congrats!
Is it for an austrian company or as a free lancer?
Greetings from germany with not much better weather!

tiffany said...

you are too damn funny. love this, zip on, zip off, get stuck in flap thing. love it. too too funny. t.

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