Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I feel so loved.

Not that Im in dire need of love...this was the night I got back from Texas.
So much for catching up on some e-mails. (with kids it's just gonna be a pile of bodies on my face, huh?)

So, I promise I didn't throw out that 'threat' just to get comments...and have the lurkers come out of hiding.  I really thought I was boring up cyberspace.  But, you people seem to like my sh!t.  Yes!  You fools!  My 'real' friends and family know I love finding an audience for my crud...especially a new unsuspecting soul...someone that's never been around me and laughs at the stuff I've been throwing around for years.  My long-time bestie, Lindsey, would always be like, "Oh, Carolyn is loving this that you think she's funny" when we'd be around new people.  Fresh meat, I like to call them.  (In all honesty, I'm not a mega-attention seeker...if for some reason, the attention in the room does divert to me...I get really nervous.  So, only one or two customers at a time please.)  

So, now that you said you like the mundane..let the entries be what they may. 

For the anon commenter that offered the great suggestions for new outings in and around Graz, thank you! 

And to both Saras planning international moves to New Zealand and London...good luck with everything.  It will be wondey, I know it.  We'd like blogs too, please.

Monika,  your comments are always too nice and I miss you and have an e-mail in the works for you.

Erin (Hatley), you are a great new blogger and I'm loving Bedrest to Babies.  Let's just hope we get to the Babies part healthy and soon, so you get a gravy train rest! 

For those of you from Graz that read, I love your city.  This is a great place and we are really enjoying life here.  It almost makes me sad to know that we are already at the half-way point.

And, for everyone else...lovin' you too.  Thanks for following along.  Kisses and face licks for everyone.


Muffet Pie said...

Whew! I meant to comment on your last post but I was a little busy and bogged down. I'm glad everyone else came through, though, and convinced you to keep blogging! Yours is one of the first expat blogs I started reading in preparation for my short (6 month) move to Wels this coming February, so I feel especially fond of it.

P.S. I like reading your little bits here and there about Texas too! It's a place I've wanted to visit for many years now.

Cat said...

Love the new look! So fresh and so clean, clean. ;)

Amy said...

very nice new design. glad you are staying in the game!

Anonymous said...

Miss Chip,

I was out sick yesterday and neglected to BEG you to keep blogging. I don't ever think your posts are boring, and if I do, I will just skip them and wait until you post something betta! :) When I get to read your blog, I feel like we are still hanging out. If you stopped, I would be devastated. Devastated I tell ya. From Georgia, here's to Grazy bloggies!


bedresttobabies said...

I feel so honored to have my blog mentioned on your blog...thanks for the shout out! Now, make mine pretty damn it!

Cathy McConn said...

Love the new design! So clean and fresh. and was it hard to make all the post headings similar? Very clever. Now you will have more business, I'm sure!

Louisa said...

Yay! SO glad you got so much blog love! I, for one, would miss it if you stopped. And your design is gorgeous!

molly b. said...

okay i know i have been a bit mia in blogland due to a recent move to a new city & rare internet connection, but I would have been so sad if you quit blogging! Call me fresh meat all you want, I love your sh*t! Even the mundane. Thanks for sticking around!

Amber said...

I am just getting caught up with blogs and emails and I LOVE the new design! And the pic in this entry. made. my. day. You rule. Your scribblins remind the rest of us to see the humor in this crazy world.

Kristen Kirsh said...

I call BS on that whole attention thing. U be lovin' it...

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