Monday, January 10, 2011

A Step Closer to Italy...

Our fellow Americans-living-in-Graz besties, Amber and David, brought us quite the treat today. You see, they go hang out in Italy for a month during Christmas time, where they ride/train (Amber's a professional cyclist) in the warmer weather, eat delish food, and stay in a cozy little house. Just because we checked on their finicky heater twice while they were gone, they gave us this fabulous gift of an Italian Moka Pot, espresso cups and a big can of Illy ground coffee.

(not my pic) 
Totally wondey gift! 

I think Amber knew we've been drinking our coffee from packets (!) for the past year.

Let me give you a little step-by-step guide on how this handy, cool, Italian-made gadget works.  (Art was basically petting it.  He loves a good, simply designed and well-crafted gadget (that will provide fine coffee at a fraction of the cafĂ© prices).

Photobucket Put your delicious-smelling, finely-ground coffee into the filter that screws off the bottom.

Have your husband do some other things, like put water somewhere in there, while you're not paying attention and messing with the camera.

Heat that b!tch up.

Watch as the beautiful rivers of espresso start flowing.

Pour it up.

and act like a sophisticated, deep-thinking Italian with a top hat that's been living in this kind of luxury forever.

Then, go and find something to do with your massive amount of energy.


Cat said...

You two are adorable! Love it! what a nice gift!

Rachel in Heidelberg (with swine 'flu) said...

There's no going back now, it's like the transition from cocaine to pure heroin (or something like that). I use mine to make my own iced coffee in the summer too :p I'm so grateful for your blog (& your sister's & those ones you sent links to) they're just about keeping me sane. I wish someone nice(looking, too) would whisk me off to Italy for a month to recover!

Juliette said...

look at you all sophisticated! =P So many people I know use these things instead of filling up their big machines - they all claim this way is better and faster, lol. It was only last month that I finally learned how these things work. Yeah, I'd say you got a serious upgrade there lady! ;-)

Unknown said...

Molto bene!!!
You are too adorable!
Isn't that stuff great? Have you tried it with espresso cafe? And there is an equally simple gadget out there to transform milk in seconds into foam to make it a true latte! Called Aerolatte!
We live by it!
I am so glad you hang in there!!!

Kristen said...

your pictures are so awesome. born to blog I tell ya :)

Lindsey Lenig said...

I love this pic of you! I am not into coffee, but the little gadget is quite cute too.

Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

Ok, first of all, what editing software are you using?? The pictures look SO good! AND, I'm loving your new blog title design!

Anonymous said...

I love the look so cute :)I'm still waiting for an email, monika

Erin said...

Loving the LIG facelift.

tiffany said...

aren't these wonderful! i gave this little one plus the bigger version to my best friend! the bigger allows for a traditional cup of coffee for one.. what a fun post!

Anonymous said...

lovey love this post. pretty much anything coffee-related makes me smile. what about a french press? do you have one of those?

love you and art in your hats...totes Euro.

Kristen Kirsh said...

I love love love that picture of you!

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