Friday, January 7, 2011

Oh, Hey Friendly Neighbor!

Ok, so this post from one of my favorite bloggers really lit the fire under this arse to go travel (even after my rantings earlier this week).

This place she calls Italy is actually quite close to us Graz dwellers.  As always, her photos are fantastic and the fact that she and her twin sister did it together makes it oh so fun.  

Sign me up.  
This is Darby (left) and her twin sister, Erika.  Both have wondey (and popular) blogs.  Darby blogs about motherhood (to three) and always accompanies her charming posts with her amazing pics.  Erika, an interior designer with her own business and a recent new mother, blogs about design, business, motherhood and family.

Whatever they do (or wear, or have in their house), everyone else wants to do it too.  They 'inspire' lots of ladies out there.  I don't, in fact, find it fair that they have year-round tans.  They are totally missing out on the fun of year-round pinkish, purpleish skin.

Ok, so anyways...

::Italy via Darby::

gelato inside fruit and nuts

she talks about their simple, but delicious pasta and how when she came home and wanted her red wine chilled just a touch, her husband was like "um, who are you?"

{ok, so we have gelato here too, but something tells me Italian gelato ist die Beste!}

arched facades from heaven

just your average café

streets of delight
This place can't help but make you enjoy the beauty of everyday things.  Ok, so maybe herringbone paved streets and nuts of gelato aren't everyday, but in Italy they are!  And, this place isn't an ocean away from's our neighbor.  We are fools for not introducing ourselves sooner!  And is it warm and cozy there now?
Let's go, honey!

{all images from Darby's blog}


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you have not been to Italy yet! It's only the best place on Earth. If you decide to go, I have lost of recommendations and opinions. Cortona, Lake Como, driving through Tuscany, St. Peter's...Oh man. I read Darby's post too and I agree about the food. I basically judged the places I visited by the food. Sigh. I want to go back.

Heather said...

Do go, and have a blast! One of the most amazing trips I took w/ my husband was driving down the Amalfi coast...truly awesome. If you want info, let me know! Also, I'm not sure if you're planning kids in the future, but if you are, take advantage of travelling now! (although you probably want to smack me for saying that, because I'm sure I'm not the first!)

meezo said...

One of my faves on Earth..I can hardly wait to go back. I can hardly wait to see your photos. Just discovered your blog yesterday. Hello there!

Elizabeth Ann @ Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

Ok I have been to Italy and it is AMAZING . . . you TOTALLY have to go there! :-) Especially after being sooooo cold in Austria. . . go to the beach and have fun! :-)

Darby said...

Go. Go. Go! What are you waiting for! :) Thanks for your email and I loved your rendition of our trip! :) So fun to read! Now, go get your arse in gear and plan it! Well, maybe for spring so the weather is good... but if you go when it's cold there will always be a plethora of coffee!

Lindsey Lenig said...

I love Italy....great post!! I want to go back - you have to go!!

Niki said...

I've dreamed of going to Italy (as well as Austria) for years. I hope you go!

Kimberly said...

Girl...go!!!! Chianti region, Cinque Terre, Roma!!! It is amazing how close everything is in Europe...take advantage. Here in the "lonliest city on earth" we consider a 5-7 hour flight a short one! Boooo.

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